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The blue(3D)print for success!

We’ve recently 3D printed a car to support the launch of the new Kia Sportage.

Here at mobedia, we love blending mediums to produce seamless experiences. Fancy some video? No problem! Unique designs? Roll up! 3D and 2D animation? You betcha. Interactivity? We got your back.

We’d been waiting for the perfect opportunity to unleash some new techniques we’ve been refining, and the 25th anniversary of the Kia Sportage was just that!

“Lights, Camera, Action!”
There was no better way to celebrate Sportage’s 25th anniversary than with a PARTY! So, turn off the lights and get ready to sing…
Now, if we’re being honest, throwing a party wasn’t completely altruistic.
It also formed the backbone of the interactive learning experience that we were designing – so wedged in-between mountains of balloons and children who’d ingested far too much sugar was our film crew, capturing all the action as it unfolded.
Adam Johnson, mobedia’s Head of Production, gives us a little insight behind the scenes:
“The director wanted to shoot slow-motion and use natural lighting as much as possible for the production, so I scouted a fantastic location with tons of windows and loads of available rooms.  There was a lot of primary and supporting cast on-set, as well as a few tight spaces, so I had to keep our gear lean and turn-around setups quickly.
“We shot handheld with fast lenses and soft fill lights to give a warm, welcoming feel to the scenes. Over a couple of days, we’d filmed all our party footage and took advantage of the weather to capture exterior beauty shots of the car.”
Alright… just tell me about this 3D printed car, yeah?!

Ok, ok!

Readers above a certain age can probably recall AirFix® kits, where you use superglue and paint to assemble all kind of weird and wonderful vehicles. Nice, wholesome family fun. Exactly the ‘feel’ that Sportage evokes.

Our Creative Director and Head of Production were musing over an idea during the pre-production process. We liked the idea of using an AirFix® style menu system, creating an ‘exploded’ 3D model of the Sportage, linked to key areas of the vehicle.
Then, as happens with all good ideas, we got carried away. Could we make a whole 3D printed car too? Could we switch seamlessly between animation and reality? What about a box?!
So, we got to work…

Our team has a passion for 3D printing, so we went through the trial and error of perfecting 3D printed cars and parts, using our 3D software and an external printing partner.

The result? We made our own Kia Sportage ‘Kar-Klix’ kit (sadly, not available for sale) complete with its own custom box and instruction manual.

But why?

Gary Bannister-Simm, Creative Director, explains why we went so far to link the whole lot up.

“Sportage has played a key part in building the Kia brand over the years, as its best-selling model,” he explains, “so we chose the theme of building for our training experience – it added a sense of ownership and involvement for the learner.

Having the model not only appear in the course in 2D, but also in digital 3D, and in the lifestyle video footage, blurred the boundaries between fantasy and reality, opening up the learning experience in exciting new directions – as well as emphasising the ‘all-round’ nature of the Sportage as a multi-purpose vehicle. It gave a sense of flow to the learning experience – and the more seamless the experience, the greater the focus, and the better the retention of information.”

This framed a blended learning experience.

The entire experience was constructed around ‘building’ – building knowledge, building a Sportage, and building an emotional connection with the on-screen family to enhance learning.

The team at mobedia got creative with this thread, and the result was a course that flowed smoothly across a variety of mediums, hinging together neatly on the same theme.

“The course navigation was an interactive ‘Kia-Klix’ kit,” says Hayley Griffiths, mobedia’s Digital Learning Developer.
“One of the sub-menus and learning devices was an interactive set of instructions – the same ones featured as a practical prop in the film footage. We even integrated a game of eye-spy into the experience – narrated by a young girl to add an additional sense of authenticity. Everything was combined to form a zero-interruption, coherent narrative”.
In this way, we delivered a truly blended learning experience, not only by combining 3D, video and interactive activity within the course – but by merging all of the elements together within each other, so there was no real sense of ‘separation’ that might jar the viewer out of the learning space. There was a real ‘sense of self’ about the course; a self-awareness that gave it a sense of style and purpose.
And the result?

With a ‘world class’ NPS result of 71.3, we’re ecstatic that our Integrative Learning Experience has really connected with its audience.

Karen Fagan, Head of Training at Kia Motors UK, commented: “This unique learning strategy encourages the user to become fully immersed in the subject matter, which ensures a higher level of knowledge retention. mobedia worked hard to bring alive not only the spirit of the car, but to capture the nature of the brand too.

“The key to creating this level of learning experience is the collaboration between Kia and mobedia. Not only are the results outstanding – the process and execution was enjoyable and fun!”

They do say three is a magic number – and so we at mobedia were ecstatic to be able to bring together three potentially disparate elements of media and blend them seamlessly together to build a little bit of birthday magic.

Happy birthday, Kia Sportage!

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