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Smashing  expectations

mobedia’s eLearning course for Kia Stinger topped the charts with a Net Promoter Score of 91.8!
Stuff we did:

  • Achieved the highest training NPS in the company’s history
  • Delivered our ‘best eLearning course yet’ in line with what the client needed for their incredible new product
  • Understood the psychology of the product, learners and customers to provide focused, insightful eLearning
  • Took a holistic approach to client needs, exceeding expectations in all elements of project delivery.

To be clear… that NPS – it’s our highest ever. A premium learner rating – for our premium training – for Kia’s most premium product yet. And when you know that companies like Apple started 2017 with an average NPS of 72 (still considered pretty incredible), well… 91.8 feels… unbelievable! And coming just before Kia were announced as top of the Automotive Industry Trainer’s Tables in early 2018?

Cherry on the cake.

We delivered our Stinger eLearning course to Kia in November 2017. It was immediately met with high praise; Karen Fagan, Head of Training at Kia Motors UK, described it as: “[y]our best eLearning course yet”. So… how did we achieve an NPS score of 91.8? Why was our Stinger eLearning course so good?

Premium, Premium, Premium

If you haven’t already seen the Kia Stinger, you need to google it pronto. It is a beautiful car. It’s knocked the automotive world for six – A Kia racing car? … like… Seriously?


The Stinger is an absolute show-stopper, bringing in rave reviews across the board. So we knew we had to come up with the goods to match it – delivering a sleek, smooth training course packing a powerful punch, weighted with the testimony of experts. We wanted to respond to those cocked eyebrows of incredulity or disbelief with a course as convincing and undeniable as the Stinger itself.

So… with a brief like: “We need the best training course you’ve ever made”… where do you start?

The voice of authority

At the beginning, of course. mobedia’s Creative Director Gary Bannister-Simm took the bull by the horns and attended the Stinger TTMT in Frankfurt, exclusively held at the Kia Design Centre (just to add to the sense of drama!). This gave us a real insight into the development and design of the Stinger – insight which bolstered the conviction of the eLearning.

The pedigree of Kia’s modern Gran Turismo became crucial information within the course, because well-known industry names such as Peter Schreyer and Gregory Guillaume carried real clout and added conviction.

“We were fighting a battle against disbelief”, says Gary. “Nobody could really understand how Kia had brought out this earth-shattering new product, which was giving traditional sportscar masters a run for their money. So I took the approach that we needed to back everything we said up – design pedigree, facts, statistics… We even featured quotes from industry experts in the course. It was a kind of roundabout way of saying: ‘Don’t believe it? Well, you’d better – because it’s true!’ You can’t argue with the reality of Stinger. And you can’t argue with testimony from the experts.'”

With this theme in mind, mobedia went one step further in our quest to make the unbelievable believable. We enlisted the services of Paul O’Neill, renowned British auto-racing driver and all-round motor-guru, to back up the astonishing facts and features of the Stinger within the course.

We organised a local shoot in Manchester (yes, we got to drive / sit in / drool over the Stinger…) and Paul, donning his racing stripes, came to life as our in-course presenter.

Facts. Stats. Expert testimony. These things gave our eLearning an incredibly authoritative script, reflecting the undeniable force of the Stinger. As for course voiceover, we wanted a voice with real gravitas, that could tell a story and present facts as undeniably true. Our longstanding partner Mark Chadwick was just the man for the job.

But all this, of course, would be nothing without a course that looked the part.

Dark. Moody. Sleek.

In keeping with the Stinger’s inspired look – a mixture of vintage gran turismo and modern Kia aesthetic – our design team set about creating a suite of assets that really complemented the beauty of this car. It had a moody look to it, sumptuous and mysterious.

We also played, for the first time, with some more ‘subtle’ elements of design, hinting at both the visual of the Stinger itself, but also the very nature of the car as it sat within the Kia range – a ‘non-obvious’ product from a manufacturer (rightly or wrongly) renowned for compact, economical, lifestyle-driven vehicles.

So instead of the interactive panel for “Apple CarPlay” having the obvious Apple logo on it… we replaced it with a modish shot of a basket of juicy red apples. Instead of an interactive panel that simply read “Functional Design”, we represented it with an image of a designer’s ruler and pencil. We let the learners make the connections – mimicking the connection between Kia and world-class racing car.

The result?

A course that looked as good as its subject. A course that looked awesome.

Stung by the Stinguh!

Having almost-simultaneously delivered our eLearning course for the Kia Stonic alongside Stinger, we carried a lot of learnings with us, which worked in our favour.

Our design team’s knowledge of Adobe Captivate – including pitfall workarounds – served us extremely well, allowing us to build and develop the course more quickly and fluidly. Captivate was kind of where we were expecting to get bitten throughout the production of this course… but, really, it didn’t present any major problems at all.

So where did we experience problems?


“You wouldn’t think there were all that many ways to say the word ‘Stinger'”, says our Kia Account Manager Paula Newman. “But… well, let’s just say the North / South divide became very apparent! StingEH, StingUH, StingAH. All of them right, of course – but we needed to figure out exactly how our client wanted it saying”.

Of course, mobedia wouldn’t let something so small come in the way of a groundbreaking delivery. Gary worked directly with Mark Chadwick to perfect the pronunciation – a long-winded task, but one that was worth the effort to delight our client.

“Your best eLearning course yet…”

It’s not often you get feedback like that – when you deliver a number of high quality projects for a client, delivering above and beyond sort of becomes the norm. So when they point out a really, really good job – it stands out.

Our Stinger eLearning was delivered on time, and smashed any quality expectations our client had. The course was immediately rolled out and opinions reflected in our NPS of 91.8.

But as for our team… What did they like about the Stinger eLearning course?

Gary (Creative Director): “From the moment I experienced Stinger at the Kia Design Centre in Frankfurt, I knew that I had to encapsulate that feeling within our eLearning course – so we married design, interactivity, animation, and original video to explain the heritage and power of this amazing GT!”

Adam (Head of Production): “It was a real joy to work on this project. Yeah, it was a little stressful, running at the same time as Stonic, and us migrating to Captivate for course development – but this was all outweighed by the fact that the project was just so cool. Shooting with Paul in the Stinger was really awesome too. A really enjoyable project.”

Jen (Script and Content Writer): “There was no way anyone could come away from the Stinger course without being blown away by that car, raring to share it with their customers. There’s so much value in inciting that enthusiasm amongst learners – because passion is infectious and will naturally help drive product knowledge and sales.”

Paula (Account Manager): “I particularly liked the interactivity on the KIA Stinger eLearning course. I think it had a really good balance of being educational and engaging and it was sleek in design. My favourite so far!”

Paul (Senior Designer): “I really enjoyed designing the Stinger course. Matching the emotional feel of the product with asset design is something I really enjoy, so creating a sleek and powerful look was an interesting challenge.”

Hayley (Designer and Animator): “The Stinger course really gave me a sense of the Kia brand and history. It gave me a glimpse in to the attention and detail that goes into designing and making a car”.

With a creative team encompassing video, animation and design, see how we can produce innovative, far-reaching digital content for you and your brand.

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