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An advert for Simply Cards & Papercraft

Practical Publishing needed a new way to drive subscriptions to its popular craft magazine ‘Simply Cards & Papercraft’.

Its team commissioned mobedia to produce its first TV advert, to be broadcast over a six month period on Sky, Virgin Media and Freeview.

Although the final edit seems very homely, using the magic of film we actually shot the entire production in a small studio.

Working alongside the team at Practical Publishing, we used a host of props to create authentic ‘home crafting’ environment, ensuring that the right tools for the job were on-show.

A quick paint job and a good dollop of gaffa tape even helped us shoot the holy grail of card-placement: the mantelpiece.

We featured as many craft techniques as we could in 30 seconds.

This included using a hand model to mimic some of the activities in the magazine and educate the audience on the fantastic range of content and ideas it contains.

Need a little magic for your next TV advert?

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