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A new showreel for DSW

To accompany its branding and to announce its new venture, DSW required a video showreel that portrayed the company’s ethos whilst educating its audience on its new mission.
With little existing content to use, this project needed an original, innovative solution. We decided to use bold hooks to instantly capture the audience’s attention.
We symbolised the various struggles that organisations commonly go through to ‘take learning out of the training room’ and into the digital space by using an actor dragging an old school desk around the streets of Manchester.
We continued to emphasise the power of digital learning by contrasting old, inconvenient learning methods with their up-to-date counterparts. We’ve used a combination of video, 3D animation and overlayed video graphics to visualise this belief, and complemented by a compelling voiceover.

Could a compelling, memorable film help to tell your story?

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