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A new film for East Coast Defender

The leading provider of refurbished Land Rover Defenders in the USA – East Coast Defender – flew our production team across the pond to film a promotional video to celebrate its creations.

Starting at the amazing ‘Revolution Offroad Experience’ in Kissimmee, we put the Defenders to work, blasting through vast pools of water, sharp inclines and drops – all whilst hanging from the back of a follow car with our MoVI m5 and Sony A7s working perfectly.

We then convoyed to Downtown Orlando, where we waited for evening to arrive to capture some gorgeous driving shots using just natural light around the streets! 

The team collated some superb action shots and documentary style footage before returning to sunny England to edit and animate their collection. 

To take the video to the next level we created detailed 3D models of both the Defenders used in the shoot. These models could then be interspersed with the footage we collated, thereby creating a multi-discipline video.

Could a compelling, memorable film help to tell your story?

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