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Life at the Frontline

We’ve recently partnered with social care charity Frontline to create an innovative way for people to explore the vital role that social workers play in our community.
This registered charity runs a comprehensive two-year programme to develop high potential candidates into outstanding qualified children’s social workers, working in close partnership with a growing number of local authorities from across the UK.
Each programme has dozens of applicants and a common concern for its team was that people don’t always grasp exactly what a day in the life of a social worker involves.
To help overcome this challenge we’ve created an interactive video to help educate potential applicants through emotional learning experiences.
Filmed on location and at Frontline’s offices, viewers are presented with five common everyday situations and decide what’s the best course of action to take, before seeing the consequences of their decision play out – good and bad.
A point-of-view style and instant feedback make the experience more immersive and give the viewer pause for thought.
Promoted on social and news media, the video now forms the centrepiece of the charity’s recruitment strategy; to try it for yourself, please visit
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