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Introducing mobedia LX

mobedia has launched a new digital learning division that will be dedicated to creating immersive, cutting-edge digital learning experiences.

Embracing proven learning principles and emerging technologies, including Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and interactive video, mobedia LX will comprise some of the North West’s leading creatives, videographers, animators, instructional designers, scriptwriters, producers and content developers.

Johnny Hall, mobedia’s CEO and Founder commented: “Digital learning has been a massive growth area for mobedia over the past eight years and so creating a dedicated, specialised team is a natural next step for the business. It will give us greater freedom in how we market our expertise and build our profile as we engage with brands and learners worldwide.”

Gary Bannister-Simm, mobedia’s Creative Director added: “From our experience in learning and development we know that many organisations and teams are struggling with outdated digital resources and off-the-shelf content that simply doesn’t meet their needs.

“We are already renowned across the industry for creating memorable, unique and totally bespoke learning experiences that transform behaviour and deliver measurable results – whether that is supporting increased sales for Kia Motors, improved compliance for Santander or reduced risk for Manchester City Council.

“Based in the heart of Manchester, mobedia LX will give us a fantastic new platform in our mission to make a genuine difference by pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.”

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