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Daydream VR

Daydream is a new platform from Google for high quality mobile virtual reality. Today we take a closer look of the 3 key components of Daydream VR.

VR optimised smartphones

Google’s Daydream team have been working closely with manufacturers to find out what a virtual reality smartphone truly needs.

In mobile virtual reality headsets, your mobile’s screen is brought extremely close to your eyes. Because of this a high resolution screen with a high refresh rate is needed. To keep this screen updated in real time, a fast processor is also required.

Good quality sensors allow the headset to track the position of the user.

The guidelines that form part of Daydream will help ensure that the next generation of mobile VR devices are capable of delivering a good quality experience.

Manufacturer guidelines

This is a set of guidelines for headsets and controllers for Android phones, with the aim of compatibility. Android is diverse enough with its varying screen size and density of displays; creating some guidelines for headsets should on increase the compatibility for Daydream-ready devices.

Samsung Gear, for instance, is only compatible with Samsung VR ready phones whereas Daydream ready phones should be compatible with any Daydream manufactured headset and controller.


The first app that appears on homepage for Daydream VR appears to be a hub. HTC Vive and Samsung Gear also have a hub. It’s essentially a VR home screen to navigate to your VR applications.

Many teams at Google have already started on implementing their apps into VR. The YouTube team has designed the YouTube VR experience from the ground up, whilst the Play store has also been re-designed for VR.

As time goes on we should see more diversity and a great number of VR applications out there.

Check out the Daydream page or watch the talk on it at Google IO.

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