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Simplifying the complex
A major global brand
Walgreens Boots Alliance is one of the largest retail pharmacy and health organisations in the USA and Europe, with a presence in 25 countries.
Its portfolio includes household brands such as Boots, Alliance Healthcare and Alphega Pharmacy. Read on to discover how we have firmly established ourselves as a trusted digital partner for the past five years…


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Growth over 5 years

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grow revenue

Alphega Pharmacy is an international network of independent pharmacists.
This network is made up of thousands of ‘members’ that choose to adopt its established brand, best practices and ethical standards.
Please watch the following short animation that we produced to see a snapshot of the brand.
Fulfilling a clear business need
In 2012 we began developing an innovative tablet application to help improve its proposition and optimise the flow of information to each store.
Previously communications, training and product information were largely paper-based, and inefficient to distribute and update.  There was a clear case for new tools to move the network forward and drive engagement.
We created a native Android OS application in collaboration with its in-house teams, which included working directly with pharmacists to perfect the UI.
This helped us to better understand the specific logistical challenges faced by its members, and led to us introducing new features – such as supporting both online and offline access.
Continual evolution
We released functionality in stages to give users the freedom to fully embrace the app’s power.
Initially the focus was on training, with an interactive ‘Mystery Shopper’ exercise a key part of the first iteration.
Merging video and interactivity, pharmacists could watch examples of good and bad practice, with the content and structure dynamically updating as the user answered questions.
This comprehensive  training programme helped the business to deliver record mystery shopper results, scoring 88% versus an average of 85% for its competitors.
Shaping the experience
Next we introduced interactive planograms which, if followed, can deliver strong sales uplifts.
The result of comprehensive testing, essentially they are diagrams that show how and where specific retail products should be placed in store to increase customer purchases.
Traditionally they were distributed to members on paper which, with frequent seasonal changes in promotions and products, created a logistical and environmental headache.
The tablet application provided the perfect platform to instantly and directly distribute this important information to each pharmacy.
Updates are now pushed automatically to members, who can use the tablet to navigate, zoom in, and even order replacement stock directly – saving time and generating additional revenue for each business.
Making life simpler
Over the past five years its feature set and weekly usage have consistently grown.
There are a variety of tools to support pharmacists in their day-to-day tasks, and because we develop everything in-house, we can be much more reactive to any changes in business needs.
One of the biggest recent additions was the ability to order stock directly, removing paper or phone-based communication and speeding up delivery times.  Advanced filtering helps users to quickly navigate product lists, and find videos that can even be shared with customers.
The platform also allows major manufacturers, such as P&G, Reckitt Benckiser and Johnson & Johnson, to connect directly with pharmacists, thereby helping them to more easily discover new lines and promotions.
Exceptional results
Since its initial implementation, the application has become firmly established as a mainstay within hundreds of pharmacies nationwide.
Working in partnership with its teams and suppliers, we continue to be responsible for all design, development, testing, deployment, server management, tablet procurement, maintenance and technical support.

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“The Alphega eCommerce platform is a complex and challenging international project. Throughout our commercial relationship, mobedia have built a strong partnership with myself and the team and I value their contribution highly. They are innovative, fast moving and dependable.”

Sue Moore, General Manager, Health & Beauty and Alphega Pharmacy UK, Alliance Healthcare

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showcasing real

customer stories

During 2016 Alphega Pharamacy repositioned its brand, encapsulated by the tagline ‘Close to You’.
The ultimate aim was to ensure that both members and the general public perceived the brand as providers of professional and friendly health services to local communities.
A new narrative
To accompany this shift in strategy, the business needed a series of short films that epitomised and communicated its new mantra.
Featuring real customer stories, these videos would form part of a pan-European online and offline campaign.
We love shooting emotive films with a strong story, so the brief gave us fantastic freedom.
Working alongside Criterion, a team of occupational psychologists, we developed genuine scenarios to resonate with the primary target audience – namely independent pharmacists.
We undertook a rigorous scripting and casting process, and opted to use real acting families to obtain the level of performance required.  Using a range of interior, exterior and commercial locations, we shot the films over three days with our primary and supporting cast.
Memorable moments
To date the ‘Close to You’ films have been shown across 17 countries in a variety of locations, both in-store and at team training events.
The films debuted at the Alphega Pharmacy Annual Conference 2016, and the brilliant performance from the young actress was so emotive that it even drew a few tears from the senior management team!

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