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VW arteon

The art of an immersive experience

Bespoke creation

Volkswagen of America is a stateside industry giant.
With a 600+ strong dealer network across the geography of the U.S., it is one of the biggest and most well-respected players in the automotive industry, both in the States and worldwide.
So when its training partner, Osbourne Purdie International, approached mobedia with a request for a unique training experience to support the nationwide release of its newest flagship vehicle, the fantastic New VW Arteon, we were incredibly excited to bring our creative and development teams together for the ultimate blended project!

4.96 / 5

Average rating from 498 respondents

That ‘wow’ moment

For this project we wanted to deliver the same ‘wow’ moment that the Arteon delivers through an online, innovative, and disruptive learning experience.
We aimed to generate excitement from our very first communications, so event invites included exclusive access to a ‘teaser’ platform where users could interact with a 3D model of the Arteon, view it from any angle and even change the paint from a selection of real-life shades – functionality usually reserved for above-the-line car configurators!
Try it out
Then, the immersive training experience itself – loaded with sleek interactivity, Augmented Reality explorations via the user’s device camera on a real car, and ‘live’ polls and word games showing the opinions of colleagues throughout the training – built with every tap of the screen. A sculpted, interactive, connected learning experience!
We also designed the experience so that it could be used with customers as a sales tool, meaning that ‘wow’ moment was being filtered through to the sales staff and to customers, not only via the car, but also via our interactive experience!
Delivering an experience
We set about creating an experience that was smooth and subtle, with colours and themes that matched the appearance of the Arteon itself.
The learning on key features, functions and benefits were delivered interactively, and we provided a ‘resources’ section packed with downloadable content to be used by Sales Executives to support their sales process.
working at the

cutting edge

We really pushed the boundaries of the tech on this app, harnessing WebGL, an emerging development framework, to deliver interactive models, stylish animations smooth transitions and micro-interactions.
We gave users access to ‘Augmented Reality’ content to explore the vehicle, interacting with hotspots through their mobile camera. It was a powerful package – blended learning that felt fresh, relevant, and slick.
The experience gave learners ‘choice’ wherever possible – whether that was through choosing the colour of their car, or revisiting the content in whatever order they preferred, whenever they wanted to.
Through a mix of guided and exploratory learning, we ensured learners felt a sense of ‘freedom’ to explore, whilst ensuring the delivery of key concepts and facts.

“We wanted to make sure this was an immersive experience. Digital learning can sometimes feel a little siloed, and we wanted to build a sense of community and passion. So we integrated features into the experience that allowed users to see what their colleagues thought about the Arteon – delivering discussion points and opinions, as well as effective learning.”

Gary Bannister-Simm, Creative Director, mobedia

Supporting the roll-out
We worked tirelessly to help VW ensure all staff were registered on the half-day Arteon courses rolling out across the dealerships in the U.S. in plenty of time.
From the pre-event communications to the post event summary, we worked collaboratively with Osbourne Purdie to ensure everything focused on generating a genuine buzz about the experience.
They were asked their opinions on the car during the training sessions, and these opinions were collated within the app itself, showing poll-results for local dealerships for that sense of a live, immersive experience being shared with others.
On an ongoing basis, we carefully monitored the experience and how it was being used, so we could feedback to VW on the sections their staff were finding the most helpful! Watching from afar, we loved seeing the success of our powerful, sleek and innovative learning experience as it was received with success!


“We are all so excited…”
Building feedback surveys into the experience allowed us to critically evaluate its success. This is a vital part of delivery for us at mobedia; we want to make sure we’re delivering what clients and customers want, and we also love to see the fantastic results roll in!
And the results for Arteon?

Feedback from learners included:

“The demonstration was awesome.”

“I loved this great training event.”

“Really involved VW training – I wouldn’t change a thing!”

“We are all so excited for the Arteon.”

“Great hands-on digital application, straight to the point and simple.”

“Exceptional training!”

4.96 / 5

We asked learners to rate the app from 1 – 5, with 1 being poor and 5 being excellent.

Our training experience has secured an average rating of 4.96 out of 5, based on data from 498 respondents!

Could you engage your team with memorable digital learning?

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