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The Crystal Maze

The Crystal Maze Manchester - Around the Dome


The Crystal Maze is a TV gameshow institution – running through the 90s with its enigmatic host Richard O’Brien, it was regularly Channel 4’s highest-rated programme.

The Crystal Maze Live Experience makes YOU the star of the show. Following a successful London launch, Little Lion Entertainment opened in Manchester in early 2017, where members of the public could play games in the famous zones, culminating with the iconic Crystal Dome!

Read on to see how we made The Crystal Maze Live Experience the talk of the town, returned a fantastic ROI, and lived out our childhood dreams…

The Crystal Maze - Social Media Campaign Reach and Enagagement


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Facebook Live

Gif Games

Travel Adverts



Crystal maze:

The brief was clear – create engaging, disruptive content that delivers tangible results (read: sell more tickets).

The Crystal Maze Manchester - Dome
The Crystal Maze - Inside the dome


The big challenge was promoting ticket sales for a physical venue, as the content had to attune with a localised audience.

A previous Crystal Maze venue in London helped to establish an online audience, but these people were all over the globe…so we began thinking how to reach people living and working nearby.

The Crystal Maze - Favourite Zone Social Media Campaign
The Crystal Maze - Social Media Maze Master Campaign

Solution: MASCOT CUP

Football runs through the veins of Manchester, so we capitalised on this with some quick-fire content to generate some pre-launch buzz!

We formulated a head-to-head tournament between mascots from Manchester City, Leicester City, Oldham, Sheffield United, Wolves and Bolton for the inaugural ‘Crystal Maze Mascot Cup’.

An event of this magnitude required a host who could not only keep football mascots in-line, but also had style and charisma to match Richard O’Brien!

The Crystal Maze - Chris Kamara Social Media Campaign

There was only one man for the job – Chris Kamara!

The Crystal Maze - Moonchester & Moonbeam on slide
The Crystal Maze - Social Media Campaigns - Moonchester
The Crystal Maze Mascot Cup - Filbert the Fox
The Crystal Maze Manchester - Filbert the Fox

Shot over one epic day in the Maze, our video production team followed the mascots and Chris through a variety of zones, filming each challenge live with a variety of cameras to ensure maximum coverage.

Between games, the Aztec Zone played backdrop for links presented by Chris Kamara, which meant our cameras never stopped rolling!

The tournament culminated in a face-off in the hallowed Crystal Dome, where the mascots needed to collect as many gold tokens as possible – quite a feat when you’re dressed as a 7 foot dragon it seems!

The Crystal Maze - Moonchester & Moonbeam

The tournament video clips were edited in-house and distributed online leading up to the press launch of the Crystal Maze, where Moonchester and Moonshine from Manchester City were eventually crowned champions.

This was supported by offline events too – for example, the final of the ‘Mascot Cup’ was played on the big screen to over 54,000 fans at the Etihad Stadium during Manchester City vs. Crystal Palace in May 2017, where Moonchester and Moonshine received the trophy!

The Crystal Maze - Manchester City Social Media Campaign

Solution: Facebook Live

Facebook Live is proven to effectively generate engagement, so we produced a series of broadcasts to widen our available audience.

The Crystal Maze - Facebook Live Social Campaign iPhone Mockup

The mobedia design team created eye-catching images (twinned with our fancy Facebook Live software) to run a variety of polls where fans had their say on important topics like “Who was the best Crystal Maze presenter” (two guesses who won that!) and “Which zone was best? Aztec, Industrial, Medieval or Future…”

The Crystal Maze Facebook Live - Landscape iPhone

And vote they did!

Fans tuned in in their thousands to make their voices heard.

Solution: Gif Games

Games are the very essence of The Crystal Maze, so it only felt right to use gamification in our content.

The Crystal Maze - Golden Ticket GIF

After identifying a unique method that capitalised upon the way that animated GIFs are handed by some social networks, our creative team devised a series of frustratingly addictive GIF games.

This allowed us to create content that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible within the budget… and the fans loved them, engaging with the GIFs and racing to be the first to complete the challenge!

The Crystal Maze - Richard O'Brien GIF - mobedia
The Crystal Maze - Slingshot GIF

Solution: Travel Adverts

Even though video is king of content, there’s still a vital place for traditional advertising, and this became some of the most effective content that we produced.

The Crystal Maze - Social Media Aztec Zone Campaign
The Crystal Maze - Social Media Future Zone Campaign

Early in the campaign we had the spark of an idea around travel adverts; the large billboards seen around major cities advertising the new hot location you can now fly to ‘direct from [insert local airport] ‘.

The theme of these adverts is “look how cheap this is!” – presenting an almost too-good-to-be-true offer that cleverly seems to undersell higher-ticket items.

This was theme that we extracted for our adverts; sure, Crystal Maze tickets are higher-priced than other attractions, but look at what you get! It’s not everyday you can stand in the shadow of a huge Aztec temple in north west England!

So we designed a series of adverts that presented the Crystal Maze’s unique offering in disruptive fashion – themed as ‘travel adverts’ with a comparatively low price clearly marked, these images engaged with audiences and drove ticket sales.

The Crystal Maze - Social Media Medieval Zone Campaign
The Crystal Maze - Social Media Industrial Zone Campaign

Solution: Tagging

With up to eight people playing at a time, teams are an important part of The Crystal Maze Live Experience, and also present an opportunity to sell tickets to large groups.

The Crystal Maze - Facebook Live Social Campaign

We created social adverts that gave viewers the opportunity to build their team under the guise of humour – using a range of flattering and no-so flattering personas, they were prompted to tag their friends.

This created a huge surge in organic reach, drove brand awareness and created a genuine buzz around ticket sales.

Solution: Videos

No mobedia advertising campaign would be complete without a suite of videos, and we delivered a wide variety of edits during the launch period and beyond.

Demystification was a vital tool to inform fans that the live experience wasn’t part of a TV show, and somewhere they could actually visit (as the mobedia team did, ticking off a few bucket-list items in the process!), so we made some easy to digest ‘educational’ videos to explain the concept.

Focusing on the kitsch and retro feel of the original TV show, we also filmed the hosts (known as Maze Masters) from the Crystal Maze as they answered a variety of questions, shared interesting tidbits of maze knowledge, or simply had a sing-a-long to the iconic theme tune!


Over the course of this campaign we created an effective sales funnel, using a variety of rich content, effective remarketing and custom landing pages to grow audiences and drive ticket sales.

We delivered 50x ROI on campaign spend and increased brand engagement by over 1420%.

The Crystal Maze - Social Media Content Views
The Crystal Maze - Social Media Campaign Impressions
The Crystal Maze - Social Media Campaign Reach
The Crystal Maze - Social Media Engagement
The Crystal Maze - Social Media Campaign Spend
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