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Suzuki Motors


Suzuki is one of the Top 10 car manufacturers in the world.

Its journey began in Japan in 1909, but it was 1963 when the brand first started selling cars in the UK. Through a growing product line-up it has enjoyed great success, with models such as the Vitara and Swift hugely popular for a number of years.

Read on to see how since 2014 we’ve worked with automotive training providers Osbourne Purdie and Get the Edge to train the latest generation of Suzuki sales executives by producing engaging learning content, plus created the perfect platform to deliver it.


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With regular vehicle launches and a constant stream of new dealerships joining its network, Suzuki continually has a huge amount of knowledge to transfer to teams nationwide.


To accompany its successful workshop programme, the business needed a comprehensive suite of eLearning courses that encompassed both products and processes.

These short, bite-sized modules needed to interweave film, animation, interactivity and knowledge checks and be hosted on a robust, scalable training platform that could be accessed by everyone from Dealer Principles to Sales Executives and featured in-depth reporting.

Solution: eLearning

As this was Suzuki’s first foray into digital learning, we needed to create everything from ‘Welcome to Suzuki’ modules through to senior sales executive training and everything in between.

Working both with our automotive training partners and independently, we utilised every skillset in mobedia’s arsenal.

Our video, animation, design and development teams worked in harmony to quickly grow the library of content to over 40 courses.

Each module needed to be treated individually to retain engagement, whilst maintaining an overall consistency – for example, the courses and content needed to convey the Suzuki brand look and feel wherever possible.

“We used animation to tell stories that were otherwise impossible within the set budget, using characters to create a multitude of scenarios and motion graphics to re-enforce key learning objectives.”

Videos featured heavily throughout, with appearances from senior management welcoming new starters, success stories from leading dealerships and a range of roleplays filmed on location at dealerships for added authenticity.

Interactivity also played a major part; from interactive timelines celebrating Suzuki’s heritage to workshop planners, every piece of content was custom-built to explain and demonstrate key points.

And here’s a sneaky peek of some of our team behind the scenes.

Solution: Product/Event Films

Every new vehicle launch brings a wealth of new technologies, features and target audiences.

This information needs to be provided to dealerships in a timely fashion, enabling their teams to digest and relate the features and benefits to customers – with an ultimate goal of boosting sales.

Gaining exclusive early access to the latest models, for the past three years our video team have transformed Suzuki HQ in Milton Keynes into a custom film studio. Early production cars are often shrouded in secrecy, so we have to go where the car is!

Gary Bannister Simm - Creative Director

” For each video we undertake the scripting, storyboarding and casting, then provide a full production team to film with a presenter on-location. During post-production, we mix our original content with ‘above the line’ advertising footage to create a full vehicle walk-around.”

Live brand events are also an important part of Suzuki’s training calendar. These events bring together the whole Suzuki range and provides dealership staff with the chance to put the vehicle to the test in its natural environment.

It is also the perfect opportunity to film the vehicle in action; from flying around the track trailing the Suzuki Swift Sport, through to capturing the Suzuki Jimny conquering deep mud.

Suzuki - Jimny Vs Mud
Suzuki Vitara
Suzuki S Cross

These events allow dealers to use the vehicles like their customers will, giving them real-life experiences into how they perform.

We capture their reactions throughout the day, combine this with the action footage, and package it all together into a series of internal advocacy films and social media content.

Suzuki Car Test Drive - Laughing
Suzuki Car Test Drive

Solution: Platform

To support the brand’s training objectives we created the Suzuki Sales Academy, a customised version of our Taploma platform.

Do you want to find out more about Taploma?

This houses video, animation, interactive content and assessments and is accessible via any web browser.

Learners can easily see what courses are available and complete them in their own time, at their own pace.

User-friendly management tools mean that courses can also be created directly by the teams at Suzuki, so the gap from information captured to information shared is drastically reduced.

Phil Cox - mobedia Technical Director

“Via an administration dashboard, statistics for all aspects of user engagement and team performance are available, enabling results to be tracked in real-time by both Suzuki HQ and Suzuki Dealerships.”

Suzuki Sales Academy - Your Events

After the successful launch of the Suzuki Sales Academy, we further customised the platform to encompass a workshop booking system.

Over 12 months, over 1,200 events were booked for events held across the UK.

Due to the unique nature of the Academy, the merging of events and content enabled us to introduce a blended solution for Suzuki.

For example, learners can be introduced to workshop content via a video directly from their trainer, then complete pre-learning and arrive in the training room fully prepared.

Suzuki Sales Academy - Interface - mobedia

As Suzuki’s requirements grow, so do the features of the Suzuki Sales Academy, with the learner experience constantly enhanced and optimised by our team.


In the four years since the Suzuki Sales Academy launched, we’ve produced over 40 eLearning courses which have had over half a million content views.

Over this time, Suzuki’s NFDA Survey results for manufacturer training have increased from joint 7th in 2012 to 4th in 2017.

Suzuki Statistics - Completed Courses - mobedia

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