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Santander - Front of Branch


Santander is one of the UK’s leading personal financial services brands in the UK, with over 20,000 employees and 14 million active customers.

During 2017 the business undertook a large internal culture shift; how employees behaved was now equally important as their performance.

Read on to discover how mobedia teamed up with training experts DSW to deliver industry-changing content to support Santander during this vital period.

Santander Statistics - Video Campaign

Our Behaviours

This level of realignment was a huge undertaking, so Santander implemented various methods to communicate it to its teams.

It also wanted a new approach to prompt change, invoke self-refection, capture the imagination of every people manager across the business and provide extra value for those attending face-to-face training.

However, these people managers weren’t strangers to training, so this new approach needed to stand out from anything they’d seen before.

Santander - Man with magnifying glass


The idea was to demonstrate the difference between behaviours on a good or bad day – presenting scenarios for analysis by the viewer before inviting them to share their opinion, and following it up with a best practice debrief.

One of the most effective ways of demonstrating best practice is via video; however, the treatment needed to exist outside the ‘world’ of Santander (and banking in general) to ensure the scenes couldn’t be taken too literally.

We needed to think laterally.


The first challenge was the environment – we needed an organisational structure similar to a bank to make it more relatable, but specifically avoiding ‘banking’ and ‘sales’ offices.

Anytown Autos - Dealership
Female Santander Advisor - Anytime Autos
Santander - Man sat at desk

The answer soon dawned on us, and it was somewhere we were more than accustomed to – the automotive industry! With a management, employee and customer hierarchy that would really resonate with the target audience, ‘Anytown Autos’ was born!

Santander Sales Advisors - mobedia Case Study

We needed to hook the viewer within the first few seconds, taking them slightly outside of their comfort zone for a moment, then implementing a variety of techniques to retain their attention throughout the entire video.

The benefit of an in-house video, design and animation team is that it allows us to plan highly-stylised dynamic content during scripting.

Whilst we were looking to push the bar with our ideas, our innovation wasn’t without purpose – we needed to create enough of a stir to engage, but not too much to distract.

Santander Service Centre Advisor - Sukhi
Santander Service Centre Advisor - Phil
Santander Service Centre Advisor - Rob

We decided the video was to be driven by a narrator, with dialogue between actors used where it added to the story.

The narrator could break the fourth wall, asking direct rhetorical questions and challenging the viewers’ opinions, as opposed to simply commenting on the action.

Suhki Anytime Autos on Green Screen
Santander Film Shoot - mobedia

A comprehensive pre-production process, working directly alongside DSW and Santander, was followed was a fantastic multi-day film and photography shoot with a full suite of crew and actors.

Our locations provided a multitude of environments where we could simulate the day-to-day interactions at Anytown Autos, encompassing customer interactions through to ‘water cooler’ team chats.

We undertook post-production in-house, editing together a series of nine videos encompassing various scenarios.

Each storyline was interconnected, which helped to deliver a more cohesive narrative for the viewer.

Santander Dinner Animation
Male Santander Advisor - Anytime Autos
Santander - Paused Screen
Santander Video Production - mobedia
Santander Case Study - Woman pointing to hindsight72
Santander Case Study - Man Balancing
Male Santander Advisor
Santander Advisors Talking

“Animation was used to retain audience attention, but also allowed us to introduce some light relief to an otherwise serious topic.

To stay on-brand, we used Santander’s colour palate, along with our original photography, to expand the world of Anytown Autos, whilst a clever use of voiceover allowed us to compress timelines and keep our running times low.”


We delivered the final edits in mid-2017, which were warmly received by the team at Santander.

In addition to the core ‘Behaviours’ project, we were asked to produce an additional short promotional film to drive viewers to the content and look forward to hearing the results of this campaign in the near future.

Santander Statistics - Video Campaign

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