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Leicester City - Champions Parade


Leicester City had a fairytale 2015/16 season, which culminated with the club clinching the Premier League title in one of the greatest sporting stories of all time.

During the final stages of the season, there was unbelievable hype online about the possibility that the club could defy the odds and become champions ahead of the likes of Arsenal, Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea.

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Leicester city

Puma, Leicester City’s kit partner, wanted to capitalise on this excitement by creating disruptive social media content to promote both brands, connect with fans and admirers, and get #FearlessFoxes trending right up until the last game of the season.

Read on to see how mobedia teamed up with Social Chain for a cup-winning campaign and the BIG challenges we faced!

LCFC Banner - Leicester City


Online, content is king – and online video is the biggest ‘content king’ of all.

So, with this in mind, Puma wanted to produce a series of engaging videos and GIF content to be distributed across Social Chain’s network of football related Twitter communities.

Each piece needed to be noticeably different in style and really harness the raw emotions circulating online around Leicester City as the excitement, and tension, mounted.

Leicester City Character Animation

The campaign also had to be reactive and topical, with new content following every key match.

However, due to the time and costs required to licence Premier League footage and image rights, we couldn’t use any existing footage or still images – and the clock was ticking….

Leicester City Styling Quote - mobedia


Luckily, we love a good challenge!

Our team of filmmakers, designers and animators got their pencils and pixels at the ready and worked collaboratively to deliver a fantastic suite of content.

Puma Goal GIF - mobedia

For example, to commemorate what the Leicester Mercury referred to as “one of greatest [goals] in Premier League history” we created a short, sharp, fluid GIF animation.

One of our designers has a huge love for A-ha and had been aching to get her teeth into a frame-by-frame animation in a similar vein to the classic video for ‘Take on Me’.

After a quick brainstorm, we decided it was a brilliant idea, but had to concede there wasn’t enough time to produce it, and put our thinking caps on again…

Still from Puma Goal GIF - mobedia
Puma Social Media Campaign - mobedia

However, you should never underestimate a die-hard A-ha fan.

When the team reconvened the following day, our designer had spent her evening putting her delicate touch to the brilliant GIF that you see here. Puma, Leicester City and Social Chain loved it, and this content kicked-off the whole campaign.


By now #FearlessFoxes was gaining some serious traction, so we needed a follow-up that was just as inventive.

This time we created a video retrospective showcasing all of Leicester’s great moments from the season so far. Again, the restriction on available assets really tested our team.

During our ideation session, we concentrated on the word ‘retrospective’, especially the ‘retro’ part, and that led us to our next cunning plan.

No self-respecting child of the 90s went without playing what has been recognised as one of the ‘Ten Most Important Video Games of All Time’ (according to Stanford University), Sensible Soccer, and we decided that a modern 8-bit retro tribute to this cult classic, combined with the #FearlessFoxes memorable moments, was the way to go.

Inside King Power Stadium - Fearless Foxes Campaign


Distributed via Social Chain’s network, and pushed out by Puma and Leicester City directly, the campaign was a huge success:

Puma - Campaign Reach Statistics
Leicester City and Puma - Campaign Impressions
Leicester City and Puma - Campaign Content Views
Campaign Engagements - mobedia Social Media Campaigns

Legendary rock band (and Leicester born-and-bred) Kasabian loved our 8-bit video, and posted it on their Facebook account, netting over 1/2 million views alone.

Twitter also users went crazy for the retrospective, with SoccerBible writing an article about the video.

Leicester City vs Liverpool Goal - Fearless Foxes Campaign
Kasabian Tweet - Fearless Foxes Campaign

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