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Kia Motors

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Over the past few years Kia Motors has risen to become a major player in the automotive industry.

Its models have won numerous design and quality awards and, backed by an industry-leading 7 Year Warranty, it is well on its way to becoming a Top 5 automotive brand by volume.

With the National Automotive Dealership Association (NADA) report by McKinsey demonstrating that highly trained staff are the biggest difference between ‘average’ and ‘top’ performing profitable car dealerships, training continues to a high priority for the business.

Read on to discover how, for more than six years, mobedia has produced eLearning courses, animations and marketing videos that have contributed to Kia’s rise to become No.1 in automotive training (and achieved record-breaking monthly sales figures…coincidence?)



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Kia Motors:

With continuous new releases and advancements in technology, ensuring dealership staff are well trained is a huge undertaking.

Kia Niro Main Screen - Case Study - mobedia
Kia Picanto cruise control
Discover Kia - eLearning System


We produce SCORM compliant eLearning modules to support all major new car releases and sales processes.

Backed by robust learning objectives, completion of these eLearning modules ensures Kia sales executives are equipped with the knowledge and confidence to carry out effective product presentations, test drives and vehicle handovers.

These bitesize courses also need to be highly engaging, with a completely unique treatment every time…


There are many ways to execute digital learning content; however, we like to think we’ve got it down to a fine art.

All planning, content writing and instructional design is undertaken in-house by our scriptwriters.

Years of producing films, coupled with our experience with delivering social media campaigns across a range of sectors (the perfect opportunity to test ideas with different demographics) gives us a unique perspective on creating engaging training content.

To deliver clear, achievable learning objectives we harness best practice and immerse ourselves in the subject matter – for example, our team travel the world to become ‘Master Trainers’ on the latest products and models.

Discover Kia - Sketch - mobedia
Kia Case Study Sketch - mobedia
Discover Kia - mobedia case study
Kia - mobedia Case Study

Once we’ve crafted the perfect treatment and script, our design team creates amazing artwork from scratch to really complement the tone of the product, including the course UI and backgrounds.

To create ‘content rich’ eLearning, it’s essential to have a mixture of interaction, video and animation. We’ve integrated 2D and 3D cars, animated characters, product videos, roleplays, entire virtual worlds…and even a Granny doing Tai Chi!

Kia Picanto - Inside Dealership

Everything is then pulled together by our developers into optimised HTML5 SCORM compliant courses.

Each course is robustly tested within a sandbox LMS before it’s distributed to the Kia network.


We’re happy to report that we’ve made real connections between Kia and its dealership staff through our digital learning, and achieved fantastic Net Promoter Scores (NPS) in the process:

Kia DFDA Ratings - mobedia case study
Kia - eLearning Statistics Year on Year
Kia NPS Score - eLearning Statistics


We’re also hugely proud to be part of the Kia training team that has been voted the No.1 Automotive Training Provider in the National Franchise Dealer Association (NFDA) ‘Dealer Attitude Survey’.

This is voted for by the car dealers who actually undertake the training, with Kia placed ahead of 28 other brands such as Land Rover, Mercedes, Jaguar and Ford.

Although our results speak for themselves, we also have to thank Kia Motors for allowing us to innovate – you need to be a forward-thinking brand to truly embrace change, and Kia’s rise to the top shows that when you lead, rather than follow, BIG things can happen!

Are you ready to take the plunge into eLearning, or want to see how we can revolutionise L&D in your organisation?

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What is an NPS score?

The Net Promoter Score is an index ranging from -100 to 100 that measures the willingness of customers to recommend a company’s products or services to others.

It is used as a proxy for gauging the customer’s overall satisfaction with a company’s product or service and the customer’s loyalty to the brand.

Based on the global NPS standards, any score above 0 would be considered “good”, +50 and above “excellent”, while +70 and above is considered “world class”.

2016 NFDA Results
2017 NDFA Results

Kia Motors:

Animations are a staple part of our eLearning courses, and occasionally they find a life outside too.

Kia Case Study Business Professionals - mobedia


During 2012, we produced a short animation focusing on business processes and objectives. It brought to life the true brand essence of Kia, and gained many internal advocates – so much so it was still being used five years later!

During late 2016, recognising its long-term success and future potential, Kia commissioned us to create a new high-concept animation to support its long-term goals.

It needed to be used everywhere from regional conferences to small meetings, primarily targeted at managers in sales roles, although equally relevant to everyone in a car dealership at every level.

Most importantly, it needed to be timeless…

Kia Sketch Storyboard - mobedia Case Study
Kia Sketch Storyboard 2 - mobedia Case Study


It was a brief we LOVED.

We worked with Kia to gain an in-depth outline of the key messages, then set about creating a storyline. The brief was clear – for an animation, not live video – but we knew that to effectively communicate the messaging it needed to be a character-driven.

Kia Case Study - Family Characters
Kia Sales Advisor Characters - mobedia Case Study
Kia Animation - Man on office chair

We therefore produced a series of characters (all hand-drawn before being digitally replicated) and environments to bring the story to life; we created homes, car dealership interiors and exteriors, pieces of technology and even a dream sequence!

The unique style also included a minimalistic colour palette aligned to the Kia brand.

As our design and animation teams work in the same studio, our workstream is optimised for efficiency and allows us to concentrate on the finesse of the production.

Once the scenes were ‘blocked out’, we added depth to the images through multiple focal plains, and intelligent transitions between big scenes to assist the flow.

Whilst we can’t publicly share the completed animation, we can show you a short extract:

Inside Kia Dealsership - mobedia Animation
Kia - Two personas on mobile devices
Red Kia driving into garage
Kia Animation - Handshake and handing over keys
Kia Animation - Female on sofa
Kia Animation - Male in office
Red Kia Animation - mobedia
Kia 3X Animation Transition
Kia eLearning Academy - Teacher
Kia Characters - Animation Production
Kia Motors Dealer Waving - mobedia

“mobedia are highly creative, fabulous, truly understand our requirements and deliver exceptional customer service and content. They always operate in-budget and their end-to-end solution is an absolute work of art!”

Karen Fagan
Academy Executive
Kia Motors

Do you need a consistent way to engage with your audience? See how a mobedia animation can help you deliver relevant content.

Kia Motors:

We’ve also created a comprehensive range of customer-facing and internal films for the brand.

White Kia Picanto - Driving
Kia - In car Conversation
Apple car play - Kia


For example, to promote and support its full product range and sales strategy, Kia required over a dozen presenter-led ‘walkaround’ videos of its top-spec models to feature on its YouTube channel and play on screens within dealerships all over the country.

White Kia with Smart Key
Kia Heated Seats Image

To support its wider ‘Greener Ways to Drive’ initiative, the business needed to convert a paper leaflet into a dynamic, informative video for digital media.

Kia Car with snowflakes


The product walkarounds videos aligned with a fairly traditional production schedule. Completed in-house, we produced scripts and storyboards, before casting the perfect presenter.

Orange Kia with Smart Key

However, we had the usual car-shoot quandary – to film outside or inside during Spring in the UK, when the weather can change in an instant. Due to the sheer amount of content that we needed to deliver, we opted for a safer (or so we thought) interior.

One day before principal photography began, disaster struck – our huge warehouse location had been the victim of fly tipping, and couldn’t host us!

Our fantastic location scouts, accompanied by some logistical wizardry from Kia, found us a new 20,000 sq.ft location in a matter of hours. Fast forward one week, and we had wrapped one of our biggest productions to date.

For the ‘Greener Ways to Drive’ video, we opted for an alternative treatment. The art style of the leaflet was very distinct, so we decided to pull it through into the video via animated graphics.

As the content theme was ‘9 Steps to a Better MPG’, we used a ‘Top 10’ style music chart countdown style.

The final video blends live footage, motion graphics and animation with a fast-paced soundtrack, using the same presenter as the product walkarounds for the voiceover to ensure brand consistency.


The whole video series racked up a healthy amount of organic views across YouTube, helping to drive traffic to the Kia website. Just a few sales from these figures would drive a positive ROI for Kia.

Youtube Views Statistics
Social Media Enagagement Results - mobedia
DVD's in dealerships - Statistics - mobedia

Video is the proven ‘king of content’ – engaging and converting better than anything other medium. It’s now easier than ever to achieve a high quality video production for your budget.


We’re constantly looking for new juicy briefs to get started on so contact us to see how we could help you!

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What is ‘engagement’?

Engagement refers to the number of interactions people have with content, including likes, comments, shares or retweets.