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Informa is a FTSE100 listed company that provides specialist data, intelligence and insight to professionals, helping them to make better decisions and enhance return on investment.

Its industry-leading Business Intelligence division tasked us with updating its existing content to attract new prospects and retain subscribers.

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Maritime Game

Our first project together was a showcase of Informa’s maritime insurance product offering.

This content needed to used in two locations: at trade events and as evergreen online content. Importantly, everything had to seamlessly integrate into its existing websites and systems, and maintain a consistent look and feel in line with the overall brand.

Informa Maritime Intelligence Game - Cargo Captain?


Informa wanted to create a buzz at trade events; both about their product, and between their customers. The opportunity was ripe to try something new and really stand apart from other exhibitors and competitors.

The 2016 Posidonia Conference was chosen to debut our ideas and create a real buzz amongst over 22,000 visitors.

Maritime Intelligence Game - Informa


We’ve had great success in maintaining engagement and driving excitement for products through gamification.

You should never create a barrier to learning, but a bit of healthy competition is a great icebreaker, brand builder and aids retention.

So, we built an interactive game with a nautical twist to highlight its range of insurance products – ‘Captain Cargo’, based upon Tetris-style of gameplay.

Informa Game sketch
informa boat 1_2
Informa Maritime Intelligence - Game Interface

It was only natural that we used a shipyard as the setting, where players had to quickly and accurately stack the four products (seen as falling cargo).

In addition to being up against the clock, we added multiplayer features so that two people could battle to become champion!

Maritime Intelligence Game Leaderboard - Informa
Informa Martitime Intelligence Game - mobedia


The game brought total strangers together to learn about the Informa Maritime products, and data capture leads were generated through promotion of top scores.

Well, who doesn’t like to show off how well they did!?

Informa Martitime Intelligence Game - Twitter
Informa Twitter - iPhone
Informa Martitime Intelligence Game - Twitter

It educated and entertained visitors and helped to ensure that Informa stood out amongst 1,800 other exhibitors.

Its stand generated over double the number of leads than previous conferences, with the game now a key part of Informa’s 2017 digital marketing strategy.

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Our latest project centred around the delivery of hero content via its ‘Pharma’ website.

Fresh content is needed every quarter in a bid to drive subscription traffic to designated call to actions (CTAs).


This content had to deliver a large amount of content about ‘The Future of Personalised Medicine’ in an engaging fashion, effectively educating and entertaining the reader until the last word across mobile, tablet and desktop.

Informa iPhone GIF - mobedia


Storyscape-style websites have helped to revolutionise the world of long-form web-pages.

Gone are the days of plain text – the ability to merge images, videos, animations and micro-interactions allows you to embellish and reveal your story as the reader progresses.

We harnessed this approach by working alongside industry experts to create the perfect story.

Once this was locked down, we broke down every paragraph to decide the treatment, and determine what would add value to the narrative at each stage.

You can see a flavour of the result in the following concept, which was optimised for its website through close collaboration with Informa’s web developers.

Informa Group Storyscape mock up


The ‘Future of Personalised Medicine’ webpage has just launched, so we’re excited to see how it will help to drive subscriptions.

Are you looking to wow your audience with the perfect blend of storytelling and the latest web technologies? We can help…