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Beautiful experiences for a publishing giant
A greater understanding
This FTSE100 listed company provides specialist data insights to professionals, helping them make better decisions and enhance their returns.
Its industry-leading Business Intelligence division tasked us with developing a range of interactive, immersive content to both attract new prospects and engage its existing subscribers.
telling an

amazing story

Most recently we’ve delivered hero content for its market-leading Pharma Intelligence team.
This supported its subscriber engagement strategy, where fresh content is used to drive qualified traffic to designated call to actions.
Developed alongside its content experts, the chosen theme was the fascinating and inspiring ‘Future of Personalised Medicine’.
This highlights how recent technological advances could help to deliver more accurate, convenient treatments that are closely matched to a patient’s individual needs.
Embracing change
The rise of rich media has totally transformed long-form web pages.
Gone are the days of plain text – the ability to merge images, videos, animations and micro-interactions allows you to embellish and reveal your story as the reader progresses.
Once the content was locked down, we planned out the treatment in order to determine what would add value to the narrative at each stage.
You can see a flavour of the result in the following concept, which was optimised for its Sitecore-based website through close collaboration with Informa’s developers.
A memorable experience
The result was very positively received and generated tens of thousands of views and engagements from subscribers around the globe.
You can explore the content for yourself by clicking here.
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captain cargo

Our first project was a showcase of Informa’s maritime insurance offering.
This content needed to shine at trade events and as an evergreen online resource.  Furthermore it had to seamlessly integrate into its existing systems, and have a consistent, on-brand look and feel.
The opportunity was ripe to try something new and really stand apart from Informa’s contemporaries.
The high profile 2016 Posidonia Conference was chosen to debut our ideas and create a real buzz amongst over 22,000 visitors, including senior leaders from prospective clients.

Harnessing gamification

We’ve had great success in driving engagement for leading brands through gamification.
You should never create a barrier to learning, but a bit of healthy competition is a great icebreaker, attention grabber and brand builder.
So, we created an interactive game with a nautical twist to highlight its range of insurance products – ‘Captain Cargo’, with a Tetris-style gameplay.
For our setting it was only natural that we used a shipyard, where players had to quickly and accurately stack falling cargo.
To ratchet up the tension, in addition to being up against the clock, we added a multiplayer mode so that two people could battle side-by-side!

Attracting the biggest crowd

By standing out amongst 1,800 other exhibitors, its stand generated over double the number of leads compared with previous conferences.
Furthermore it drove wider awareness of the business through users registering and sharing their score with their colleagues.  Well, who doesn’t like to show off how well they did?
The game was repurposed and promoted by its team following the event, becoming firmly established as a valuable part of its content strategy.

Could you engage your audience with an interactive experience?

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