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Aldi Sizzling Summer - Desktop and Tablet Mockups


Aldi is global supermarket chain and has been rapidly accelerating its growth through well-priced, high-quality products and its ingenious ‘Specialbuys’.

By February 2017, Aldi had overtaken Co-op and Waitrose to become the United Kingdom’s fifth largest supermarket retailer.

The brand has embraced social media, with active profiles across most platforms, and a particular focus on Facebook.

Read on to discover how we partnered with global PR giant Weber Shandwick to take a ‘slow’ approach to a fast-paced campaign!

Aldi Social Media Campaign Content Views
Aldi Social Media Campaign Engagement Results

Sizzling Summer!

Aldi ‘s ‘Specialbuys’ are seasonal offers that help to meet customer demand by stocking everything from BBQs in summer to heated blankets in winter. The Specialbuys are advertised via in-store leaflets, TV advertising and online social campaigns.


During summer 2016, the brand wanted to promote key food Specialbuys, linked to specific events, under the campain theme of #SizzlingSummer.

The brief was simple; create a range of stylish ‘food porn’ video clips for distribution via Aldi UK’s Facebook page, only featuring products (food and otherwise) sold by Aldi. In just one day.

Aldi Sizzling Summer - Ice and Blueberries
Aldi - Sizzling Summer Tennis Balls
Aldi Sizzling Summer - Watermelons
Aldi Sizzling Summer - Rosemary


Speed is the key to social media engagement – short, quick-fire videos generate fantastic returns, so we knew we needed lots of product shots to make each film more dynamic.

However, we also needed to show off the products in an interesting way. It was time to roll out the slo-mo cameras.

Aldi Sizzling Summer - Social Media Campaign quote
Aldi Sizzling Summer Campaign - Close up on set
Film Production Set Up

Shooting in slow motion allowed us to add movement to the ingredients, without resulting in a blurry mess of watermelon shooting across the frame.

Aldi Social Media Campaign Production
Aldi Social Media Campaign - Film Production
Aldi Sizzling Summer Social Media Campaign

We also wanted to make each product the star of the show, so we opted to shoot on a plain wooden base with a complementary pastel backdrop (which also gave the films a lovely summery feel).

The treatment teased individual ingredients from a recipe, before revealing an eye-catching completed dish!

We picked a few key summer moments, like National BBQ Week and Wimbledon, to provide us with some set collateral, and then created reactive content around ice lollies and watermelon drinks that the brand could distribute whenever a rare hot, sunny day was forecast.

The videos were all filmed in one hectic day in a studio in central Manchester by our production team, who spent most of it trying to wrangle avocados that were trying to escape!

Our editors twinned the exciting visuals with vibrant graphics and a seasonal soundtrack.


Running over the summer, the videos were marketed directly by Aldi and averaged over 50,000 views each, with the recipes drawing plenty of comments from hungry viewers!

Aldi Social Media Campaign - iPhone mockup
Aldi Social Campaigns - Statistics

Do you need video content to complement you next marketing campaign? Or require a library of responsive collateral on-hand for seasonal opportunities?