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The perfect partnership

At mobedia, we are proud to say that ‘inspiring meaningful progress’ is not just a part of our mission statement; it’s part of our DNA.

As a team we’re all about driving behavioural and motivational change to achieve positive outcomes and results.

So partnering with AQA – an organisation dedicated to inspiring meaningful progress in our society – to help them roll out an internal project inspiring meaningful progress within their company – well, talk about a perfect match.

The (no)Fear Factor…
AQA were on the cusp of launching an exciting new Performance Management programme, and shrewdly recognised that the term ‘Performance Management’ came with a stigma – connected with ‘being managed out’ or placed on ‘Performance Improvement Programmes.
The ‘My Performance’ initiative was designed to get staff on-board, seeing Performance Management not as a threat, but as an opportunity to recognise great behaviours, align working goals, and improve both team and individual performance. A chance to grow.
The sort of stuff that we at mobedia just adore. No fear – just fun.
A raft of calming content…
We created a series of 5 quirky, fun and engaging ‘explainer videos’, whose audience was every person at AQA (leaders, permanent staff, temporary staff, prospective staff, and even educational associates).
Our goal was to educate while creating a sense of comfort, eroding any misconceptions a viewer might have about the subject.
The high-level theory behind AQA’s ‘My Performance’ programme was pretty fascinating to us (‘cause… well, we’re total nerds when it comes to stuff like this), but we soon realised the key to conveying this content was keeping it as simple as possible, highlighting the key concepts and takeaways, whilst still selling the many benefits of this new, innovative approach.  
We started by devising a video script that was simple but thorough, educational but entertaining, and above all calming, relaxing and friendly. 
Long-standing partner and voiceover extraordinaire Guy Harris provided a warm, endearing narrative, his tone implying that there was nothing to feel nervous about.
🎵Like A Puppet On A String… 🎵🎵
We developed an on-brand visual palette, matching AQA’s brand guidelines in order to align communications and contribute to a unified, positive approach. What’s more, AQA were keen to include lots of characters, so we designed a ‘rigged’ character, with a fixed core but switchable parts.
Much like split-pin puppets, we could easily tack-on or swap out limbs or features, allowing us to create a whole host of friendly characters super quick. Then we created key movement frames for each rigged character to follow, letting our animation software ‘fill in’ the smooth lines of each character’s movement.
This process let us create a very high-quality style of animation in a short space of time; a winner, when your client needs a speedy turnaround!
“This. Is. Awesome”.
So… how did we do?
First of all, our client was delighted with the final product. We’ll share a few snippets of their feedback with you:  “engaging”   “colourful” “tells the story”   “exactly what we’re after” “very happy”   “this. is. awesome.”
But what’s more, our explainer videos have really made a difference in the rollout of ‘My Performance’ at AQA.  Anna Di Lorenzo,  Organisational Development Manager commented:
“It was great working with the team at mobedia to develop a series of short animations to socialise our new performance approach. We wanted something fresh and aligned to our tone of voice, and we got exactly that! We are now very excited to start collaborating on a new, larger project”.
When you’re looking to ‘inspire meaningful progress’, feedback like that… well, it gets us feeling all inspired, too!  
Want to inspire meaningful progress in your organisation?

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