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A perfect ten!

It was a quick turnaround time for Kia’s latest digital learning mission – to achieve flawless phone call performance in hundreds of dealerships!

Working collaboratively with its training team, we:

  • Took a distinctive approach to the project, with our creative team bringing their ideas to the table for an original angle;
  • Utilised client resources as much as possible, using true conversations to guide our scripting so learners were presented with realistic scenarios; and
  • Touched upon a ‘buddy learning’ style, where people learn from the mistakes of others, and act as ‘the examiner’ to embed learning.
The challenge
Kia had already rolled out its ‘Call Critiquing’ programme within its dealerships.

This new way of working saw incoming phone calls to the Sales and Service teams in their dealerships sampled and quality-assessed, ensuring they delivered the best quality customer service.

Kia also introduced a 10-step guide to the perfect call, but this had only been circulated by paper and needed to be further reinforced.

Ultimately, its team requested an animated course that made sure all staff remembered the 10 Call Critiquing Steps so they could smash every call… but lasting 10 minutes only. 

Become the assessor
‘Peer assessment’ is a big thing in the world of learning.

It’s a technique where you ask students to ‘mark’ or assess the work of their peers; which helps cement learning effectively, because inevitably it involves giving feedback, which requires a strong understanding of content.

You can’t always realistically achieve peer learning, because generally you need a peer present to do it. But… mobedia found a way to integrate.

Kia provided us with some anonymised phone call recordings which we used to create a pretty realistic script – with some slightly over-exaggerated bits, for dramatic effect.

In this way, we scripted a ‘good’ and a ‘bad’ phone call, which listeners had to assess as though they were an official ‘Call Critiquing Assessor’.

So, following an explanatory animation explaining each of the Call Critiquing steps, learners were placed ‘in the examiner’s shoes’, with an interactive dashboard where they could select each of the 10 Call Critiquing steps as they heard them, live, throughout both a ‘good’ call and a ‘bad’ call.

Each reconstructed call was animated to retain maximum engagement, and, once it was finished, the learner’s assessment was compared to a real examiner’s assessment.

We called upon the skills of our voiceover actors to present both an ‘upbeat’ and a ‘bored’ tone for each of the respective calls, to aid the learning experience. They rose to the challenge, so we could give our learners two very different phone calls to listen to and assess.

Strong start, strong finish
Call Critiquing was yet another successful project for us, with Kia, as always, ecstatic with the results.

It was a lesson in the value of good planning for us, too.  Paula Newman, our dedicated Kia Account Manager, commented: “With this one, we knew it was important to put tight deadlines in place and stick to them like glue.

“Work had to be allocated carefully and time shared out realistically, and our daily check-ins helped us keep on top of exactly where everybody was up to, so any potential slippage (not that there was any) could be managed.

“We delivered above and beyond what our client needed, well within the deadline, providing the excellent service Kia have become accustomed to through partnership with mobedia.

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