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A journey across Europe

Our team flew over to Frankfurt in November 2017 to meet with Kia Motors Europe (KME) at its HQ.

Its team were developing a brand new, interactive digital learning platform, the Kia Dealer Academy, through which all training would soon be delivered, and they needed a comprehensive set of instructional media to teach dealership staff how to use the system.

After producing high quality digital learning courses that had rocketed Kia into the NFDA top spot for car manufacturer training, we’d been recommended by Kia Motors UK. So over we flew to discuss the requirements for this project – whose audience would be every single dealership in Europe.

Stuff We Did:
  • Became experts in using a new product in order to train accurately on the subject;
  • Developed unique and fun ways to demonstrate how to use a system, by bringing it to life with relevant ‘themes’;
  • Created a script which could be easily translated, ensuring there were no localisms and that content would be accessible for all users; and
  • Delivered a superb result, with KME debuting the videos at their international training event.
Building our understanding
To teach people how to become experts in something – you need to become an expert yourself. So we buried ourselves in the KDA beta training platform, documenting every single function available on there. Once we had the lot documented, we looked at each action and area, and came up with a ‘theme’ for each, one which we could play with and animate.
Simple and fun
We were faced with the challenge of delivering an exciting and engaging script… but keeping it as simple as possible.
This was to make translation as efficient as possible, but also to allow staff with English as a second language to access the course without translation requirements if they wanted to.

We chose a mischievous, slightly irreverent tone for our fantastic voiceover artist Guy Harris to bring to life. And, making sure to avoid any ‘localisms’ (regional or national jokes or concepts unique to us), we developed a set of videos that was light-hearted in tone and simple in language – with relatable humour and clear, simple instructions so learners could feel confident using the system.

On top of this, we used a very simple screen setup. A desk, within a Kia dealership, with simple props to support the messages of the videos.  Hand actions (typing, clicking, swiping) took place on white backgrounds to add to the clean, simple aesthetic.

The result

The final product looked and sounded cheekily simple. Unique, but clear.

Our Creative Director, Gary Bannister-Simm, is particularly happy with this project. “We haven’t really delivered something like this before,” he says. “But I’m really happy and proud of the outcome. It was a challenging project because of the content and language requirements, and it was also important for us to make each video interesting, unique and fun. I don’t think that I could imagine a better way to highlight all the features of the KDA than we have here!”

KME were, of course, delighted. We sent them a sneak peak of the videos as we were in the final stages of development and responses were promising: “Wow – this is amazing! I really really like it!” “I will share this as a sneak peak with my Management team.” “I can’t wait to see more”.

And after final delivery and debut at KME’s international training event, the videos were described as: “a true highlight to the day!” We’re delighted to have struck up a new, fantastic working relationship with our partners in Europe!

Could you engage your team with memorable digital learning?

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