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Branded eCommerce Store

Health Ideal represents one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical distributer’s primary e-commerce presence and resides within the eBay framework. This store is unique in that as well as being a store in its own right, it acts an over-arching structure for branded sub-stores for some well-known healthcare brands. This was a particular challenge for our design and development teams as we had to find the right balance both visually and technically, to make the solution work and to provide the best possible experience for the user.

As well as taking the lead on the initial build of the store, we also offer a bespoke maintenance service. We are in regular contact with the team managing the store and constantly provide the assets and assistance required to ensure the store remains fresh and up-to-date. Some brands which
have sub-stores within Health Ideal include Colgate, Sudocrem, Johnson’s Baby and Nicotinell.

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